Strategic Marketing

Here You Are Online…..

95% of Buyers and Sellers surf the web to find their ideal home virtually drive through a neighborhood, dream, plan and often to select their Real Estate Agent.

Online Visibility is key. You are here for a reason and so are we.

ACCESSIBLE, HONEST & CURRENT information is strategic and that’s what we market with.

RESPONSIVE to incoming calls and e-mail and proactive communication with customers and clients is our approach.

Buyers can spend hours at a time looking at photos, taking Virtual Tours, sizing up agents, printing lists of properties to visit. Because modern times reflect the demands of information on command we have set up our approach to be a one stop shop. Find it, print it, map it, email it.

On-line, Sellers compare attributes of their house to the competition, checking in daily or weekly for market changes, is pervasive and professional we offer maximum On-Line Visibility and thus we are a powerful tool for a fast paced market.

Visibility is key to maximizing the likelihood that a customer will see your listed property and say to their agent…I want to go see that one!!

We will present professional photos we take of your property, well chosen words to describe the property merits and an optimum of market placement and positioning.